Keeping the To Do List Manageable With Sticky Notes

Post It To Do List

About a year ago I learned a little trick that has helped me keep my sanity.  I was in over my head in things that needed to be done (what mom isn’t?!) and was frustrated each day that little was marked off my huge to do list.  Then I read on Life as Mom about her new Post-It Note system.  It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that moments”.

The goal is to keep your daily to do list to one standard sized sticky note.  If it takes up more space than that then you have too much on your to do list.  The goal is not to fill up every nook and cranny of the sticky note either!  I could easily add twice as much to my to do list daily by cheating the system but that defeats the purpose.

I have found that when I write my list, I get a ton more accomplished than if I keep it in my head.  Since it is summer, I have slacked a ton on writing my list so I’m committing to getting back into the habit.  My first goal is to write my list every day for the next 5 days.

The link above also leads you to a print out that can be used to map out weekly and monthly to dos too.  I have used this in the past but my current system is a laminated piece of paper I keep on the side of our fridge where I can write my long term to do list.  I plan to share more of that system in the future.

Since it is summer and I’m spending most of my time fighting off bad guys, setting up the sprinkler, or listening to the endless Minecraft talk between my boys, the to do list is a bit different than during a school year.  I tend to do a bit more organizing in the summer as we are home more but I try to do it in small bits instead of starting large projects.  Also, I work from home but find it hard to fit in quality work with the kids around so I’ve set a summer goal of one hour of work per day.  I have a master to do list for all my various work duties and I check them off as I go.  With staying very focused during that short period of time I find I can get a lot done and usually my work to do list is done by the end of the week.

A few things you will see every single day on my list is Bible time, laundry, and exercise.  I don’t fit in quality exercise daily but I do spend at least a few minutes daily on PT exercises for my foot injuries and try to get to the gym twice a week.

Finally, have fun with your notes.  Sometimes I buy them in my favorite color, other times I buy a shape that speaks to me.  As you can see, I’m currently using flip flop notes.  If you know me in person, you know I have a love for flip flops and sandals (of which I can’t currently wear thanks to foot injuries).

Feel free to join me in the 5 day challenge to write down your to do list.  Comment here or on the Facebook page if you are joining in.  Pictures of your sticky note list are wonderful too!

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