Sometimes All You Need Is a Box To turn a Day Around

Last week we were having ROUGH day.  As in, “count down the minutes until daddy gets home from work and he only left the house an hour ago” kind of day.  I was at my wit’s end and ready to call it a day but I knew there was a lot of day left.

I run an online business and all boxes and packing material that come into our house are saved and reused for the business. I had a huge Amazon Prime Pantry box sitting to the side of the living room as I had just unpacked it.  One of the boys asked if they could use it as a rocket ship.  We were having such an awful day that I decided sacrificing one box was minor for my business but could go a long way towards entertaining my kids.

After playing in it for a few minutes they decided it needed decoration so I gave them a container of crayons and let them have at it.  Between art and pretend play it entertained the two youngest for a good hour and really changed the attitude of our house. In fact, it is almost a week later and they still are playing with that box.

Sometimes we just need a change of direction on those rough days.

What helps change rough days in your house?  Feel free to share ideas as we all have rough days from time to time.

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