Incredible Pizza Great For Those With Food Allergies

Incredible Pizza

Incredible Pizza has several locations around the US but the flagship store just so happens to be in my hometown.  My kids love going there.  We enjoy it too as they are very allergy friendly.  We can get gluten free pizza with as many toppings as we want for the same price as the regular buffet.  Most places have an upcharge for gluten free but Incredible Pizza does not.  They also can accommodate other allergens such as a dairy free option. To learn more about their gluten free options, click here.

When heading to Incredible Pizza, we usually plan to spend several hours there.  Our strategy is to first eat pizza and the other goodies on the buffet.  After we get a few bites in the kids it is time to hit the game area. Once we’ve played for awhile we head back to the buffet for dessert before heading home.

Even my 6 year old still likes the ride on toys.

Even my 6 year old still likes the ride on toys.

We like that they offer games and activities for all ages.  My two year old loves to ride on all the rides such as the train, car, and rocket ship.  My bigger kids love laser tag and any game that earns them tickets.  Tickets are stored on a card  so you don’t have to keep up with little paper tickets while having fun.  I love that they still have old school Skee Ball.  I could play that game alone for hours.

Opening presents at his birthday party.

Opening presents at his birthday party.

Incredible Pizza also offers several birthday party options.  We have attended many parties there but when we have held our own we have not bought a package.  Up until recently it required several attendees and we greatly limit those who are invited to parties because Samuel gets overwhelmed easily by crowds.  However, Incredible Pizza has recently added a small party option that we will definitely be checking out in the future.

My boys love it when they hear we are headed to Incredible Pizza and mom and dad are happy too because we know we can feed the whole family, allergies and all, and have a fun time too.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review but all opinions are my own.


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