Dreams of a 10K

In 2015 I set a goal to run a 10K.  Towards the end of January that year I tore something in the bottom of my foot (MRI was not clear what but guessing a tendon or ligament tear).  It took a full six months to heal.  Then, on Feb 26 (I only remember the date because it was my son’s birthday) I broke my ankle while coming down from my kids’ bunkbed.  It was supposed to be a quick and easy break to heal but I spent the rest of 2016 going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out why my ankle still hurt.  Five months of PT and no relief still.  A natural health practitioner believes it is nerve damage and I have to agree but out of the  3 doctors and one PA I saw, not one of them thinks that is possible.  I tend toward natural approaches though so I will go with my gut on this one.  That practitioner was able to teach me some foam rolling techniques to keep the nerve as happy as possible and some supplements to help strengthen it.  I still live in pain daily but I’ve learned just how far I can push it before the pain increases.

Every person I saw about my ankle said it was safe to start exercising again and I wouldn’t cause further damage so around March of 2016 I started running again.  It was way more walking at first but I did the C25K plan to get my strength back.  I spent all of 2016 just trying to figure out how to exercise and keep my ankle happy at the same time.  I love the C25K plan but started noticing after the longer runs that I was hurting a lot.  I went back to intervals and after lots of trial and error discovered the best interval of running and walking for my ankle.  It involves more walking than I would like but if it gives me the chance to run I will take it.

The entire time I was rehabbing my ankle and trying to figure out how to keep it happy, the dreams of a 10k never left my mind.  I’m not a distance runner at all so I have no desire of a larger race such as a marathon.  However, I would love to push myself a little further than my comfort zone and a 10k is a perfect distance for that.  A normal every day run is normally 2-3 miles.  Before my ankle injury I was doing 4 miles for my “long” run.  I’m just now back up to comfortably running 3 miles but once I figured out the correct run/walk interval for me I’ve been able to increase distance a little quicker.

I’m an extremely slow runner so I’m not doing this to win any races, just to push me a little past my comfort zone.  I really want to run this race in the spring as I’m in the mindset to start training now.  However, I haven’t found a 10k that fits my schedule. There are very few offered this spring.  The one that fits best says it is hilly and that doesn’t sound fun at all.  I haven’t decided if I will do that or will train for faster 5k and then go for the 10k in the fall.  I really want to hit that 10k distance in 2017 as this goal is now two years old.  I don’t want to let another year pass me by.

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