Life With a Three Year Old: This Week’s Tantrums


Hello, remember me?  Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, life has been crazy and the blog got put on the back burner.  However, I now have a full fledged three year old and I couldn’t resist hopping on for a few minutes and sharing some of this week’s tantrums.  What he doesn’t realize is that he is the third child and I have a bit of experience now.  I can walk away and laugh now instead of stress out and try to figure out how to calm him.  Here are just a few of the meltdowns this week.

  1. He wanted a McDonald’s cheeseburger for breakfast.  We rarely eat there anymore but decided he needed one right then.
  2. He wanted Santa Claus to come this morning.  He was mad I couldn’t make Santa magically appear.
  3. For some reason he needed to touch the ceiling in his room and wouldn’t take no for an answer.
  4. Dinner.  Do I need to say more?  It could be his favorite meal but suddenly he wants nothing to do with it.
  5.  I wouldn’t completely take apart his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy.  It isn’t designed to be taken apart but he has discovered the ears and slide come off so apparently every other piece on it should too.

I’m sure next week will provide more entertainment as he melts down on more random things.  Anyone have a funny toddler meltdown story to share?

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Birthdays, Humidity, and Crazy Kid Conversations

Hot Temps

My birthday was last Friday.  Being that it is summer and I’m with my boys 24/7, I didn’t want to spend yet another day at home playing with the same toys, fighting superheroes all day long, and cleaning the same areas over and over.  I told the boys we were going to the park instead.  They were ok with that until it got too hot.  Around here, the temperature may not be that high but we get high humidity.  You break out in a sweat just walking across a parking lot even though it is only 85 degrees out.  The conversations below all came from our park outing and the fact that it was my birthday.

“It is so hot out here that my butt is turning to water.”


“Mom, you are vintage.  That is another way of saying you are old.”


This next conversation came out of the fact that they were complaining about the heat.  I informed them that when I was in school we had no a/c and the school year didn’t end until sometime in June (we get out mid-May now).  We learned to live with the heat and truthfully, once you are sweaty and nasty it doesn’t really bother you too much any more.

“Mom, were light bulbs invented when you were a kid?”

How about vans?


Cell phones?




I love the crazy things these kids come up with.  Have you had any crazy conversations with a child recently?  Feel free to share them in the comments.


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How To Tell Your Life’s Story From An MRI Machine


While I was having an MRI on my foot last week, I had several thoughts running through my head.  I had to laugh that you can tell a person’s background by what goes on in their head while holding very still for an MRI.  Here are the 3 things that kept running through mine.

1. I obviously have a marching band background.  Every time a new cycle started, it had just a little bit different rhythm to it. If you could break down the noises and get past the loudest one, some cycles had a good cadence going on.  I kept thinking some would have been good parade cadences.  (For those who didn’t know, I was in the color guard for high school marching band and one year of college, I also played flute in concert band).

2. My kids play too many video games.  When I wasn’t thinking marching band, I kept thinking it sounded like video games.

3. I’m a tired mom.  I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a few times or at least zoned out.   I rarely get 30 minutes to be still and I never get a full night’s sleep so it was the perfect time to get some rest in.

Anyone else want to share their random thoughts while having an MRI or other test?


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Things I Never Thought I Would Say As A Parent

When most people become a parent, they picture this perfect world where kids behave, the house is clean, and life is good.  I’m pretty sure none of us pictured the craziness that parenting really is.  I know for one I never pictured some of the off the wall conversations I have with my kids.  I’m pretty sure this will become a semi regular feature here as there is never a dull moment in this house.  Here are just a few of the conversations that came out of this house over this past weekend.

Me: Eli, your clothes do not match and it is too hot to wear a sweater to church.  You need to take off the sweater and find something else.

Eli: No problem, I’ll just take off my pants so that I will be cool.

Me: We can’t go to church without pants, keep the pants on and take off the sweater.


Silas, your wiener goes in your diaper and not on top of it.


Silas, you do not need to hold on to your wiener with one hand while you eat lunch with the other.


Eli, Lowe’s is not a playground.  I realize that shelf is almost empty but that doesn’t mean you can climb on it.



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