An InstaPot Newbie and Mexican Rice

One of my goals for 2017 is to resurrect this blog.  I think of things all the time that are blog worthy but rarely take the time to sit down and write.  I would like to change that so here goes nothing.

For Christmas I received an InstaPot.  My friend Alicia has been trying to talk me into getting one for about a year now.  I kept telling her I didn’t need another appliance in my house.  Well, my smaller slow cooker died this fall.  The InstaPot can also be a slow cooker so I decided it was time to take the plunge.  I could replace the dead pot and add a new appliance all in one.

I have to admit, this thing is a little intimidating.  I’m a great cook and love to spend time in the kitchen but I’ve never pressure cooked before so I’m learning as I go.  I started yesterday with the water test (suggested by the manufacturer to introduce you to the pot and make sure it works) and ground beef from frozen.  I wasn’t impressed with how the beef came out but I chalk that up to user error and not the pot.  The tutorial I was following said if it wasn’t done to turn it on for a bit longer.  My beef was still pink when I checked so I added more time but I think I did it for too long.  The meat is still edible so all is good but next time I will change up the timing a bit.  I liked that I could do several pounds at a time.  I did 2 pounds yesterday so I could use one for dinner and freeze the other for a quick meal later.

Tonight I had planned on simple tacos for dinner but my youngest asked if we could have Mexican rice with it.  Knowing I had this new gadget sitting on my counter I happily agreed to it.  A quick Pinterest search led me to this recipe. It was so quick and easy and my family loved it.  The last few times I’ve made rice it has been mushy for some reason.  This was perfect so I will be making rice in the InstaPot from now on.

So far, my only complaint is that most recipes tend to be aimed at a more advanced user and they forget to factor in time for the pot to heat up.  I’m sure with time this won’t be an issue but as a newbie I’m finding things take longer than I expected because of the water needing time to warm up.

Stay tuned as I discover more features from this new appliance.  I hope to share more recipes and tips as I figure it all out.  In the meantime, feel free to share you favorite pressure cooker recipes.

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